‘You can’t sit and await luck to occur to you’: philosophy of luck explained

Some people in life just seem inherently fortunate but is there a method to improve your luck in life?

Clarence Ford spoke to writer of ‘Luck’ David Flusfeder about his investigations into the philosophy of luck.

  • Luck seems to come back from nowhere and cannot be controlled.

  • However, seeing alternative and going after it could make your life really feel luckier.

FILE: The level about luck is it’s unmerited. It comes from nowhere. Picture: PIRO from Pixabay

Flusfeder describes luck as the ‘operations of likelihood taken personally’ and mentioned the phrase luck was invented by gamblers within the 15th century.

They needed a phrase to account for what occurs between what you want and what you get.

David Flusfeder, writer of ‘Luck’

Luck can seem inherently magical because it can not necessarily be totally explained or understood and does not seem to be brought on by anything.

The level about luck is it is unmerited. It comes from nowhere.

David Flusfeder, writer of ‘Luck’

He said that when you cannot drive luck to return to you, the choices you make and the angle you’ve towards events can impact how lucky you’re feeling.

According to Flusfeder, if you carry luck tokens or appeal you can start to feel protected and luckier.

As a outcome, when you’re feeling protected you open yourself to slightly extra risk, which supplies you an opportunity for extra reward and thus you build your personal luck.

You can not sit and await luck to occur to you.

David Flusfeder, author of ‘Luck’

Luck is not an exact science and gained’t have an result on two people in the identical method said Flusfeder, however the finest way you interact with the phrase can impression the way luck comes into your life.

Listen to the audio above for more.

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