Gundam Evolution is a enjoyable, free, Gundam-y different to Overwatch

I’m torn about whether or not I ought to suggest Gundam Evolution to individuals. My emotions can just about be summed up with a classic Futurama Fry meme: Not certain if Gundam Evolution is an efficient sport, or if I identical to Gundam an excessive amount of to see its flaws.

What’s making my confusion more durable to shake is that other individuals are having fun with the sport as well. People who could not even care about Gundam! Some of them are even saying it’s higher than Overwatch 2, another big-name hero shooter that’s coming out next week. Some of that may simply be bitterness over the reality that Overwatch 2 isn’t only a sequel, however a wholesale replacement for the original Overwatch.

If Blizzard’s decision has left you looking for a brand new hero shooter, then let me attempt to answer your questions about Gundam Evolution. Not as a outcome of I know a lot at all about Overwatch, but as a outcome of I know means an extreme quantity of about Gundam.

It’s fun! (And free!)

I might not have the flexibility to say if it’s “better” than Overwatch 2, however I can positively report that Gundam Evolution is an effective time. Despite being big steel robots, these Gundams struggle and die fast. You’ll probably be respawning frequently whereas attempting to capture or defend factors or detonating and disarming bombs, so you’ll by no means be wanting for motion. There aren’t strict character classes here, with even the most supportive of cellular fits packing enough firepower to make most 1v1s a fair test of ability. Best of all, it’s free and broadly available on PC and consoles, so you probably can easily give it a attempt.

The microtransactions are bad

Gundam Evolution may be free, however it’s also laden with microtransactions. There are loot bins, five characters you’ll be able to pay to unlock, a season move, and deluxe editions that embrace premium foreign money you want to use in 120 days or it expires! You can grind it out in the free tier and earn enough non-premium forex to unlock a Gundam when you put sufficient time in, however you’re going to have a very boring-looking profile for an extended time. At least it isn’t locking new characters behind a battle cross like Overwatch 2


It’s more like Overwatch 1 than Overwatch 2

Gundam Evolution has six-player groups, similar to Overwatch — Overwatch 2 is moving to five-person groups. Unlike Overwatch 2, Gundam Evolution has stun attacks. Only 5 of the 17 cell suits are locked firstly of the game, not like heroes in Overwatch 2. Are there extra similarities? Quite probably, however that is the extent of my Overwatch data.

No, you can’t play as Deathscythe

Gundam Evolution lacks not only a playable XXXG-01D Gundam Deathscythe, however in reality lacks any references to the one Gundam series many American fans have ever seen. Big oversight, or a $20 purchase down the line? Who can say?

Deathscythe and all his buddies from Gundam Wing aren’t in Gundam Evolution (yet)Image: Sunrise

The playable Gundams embrace some deep cuts

Gundam Evolution contains a complete of 17 playable mobile suits at current (all of these robots are thought-about mobile fits, but technically only a few of them are actually Gundams). This contains many in style cellular suits from the unique collection, together with the Zaku, Guntank, and authentic RX-78-2 Gundam, in addition to modern suits like the Unicorn Gundam and the Gundam Barbatos from Iron-Blooded Orphans.

More surprising are the suits filling out the roster from the early Zeta and ZZ Gundam, like the remodeling Methuss and Asshimar. Another playable character seems solely in a Gundam manga and video game. Best of all, the sport has two suits from the relatively obscure Turn A Gundam, which aired in Japan on the flip of the millennium but solely got here to America by way of DVD in 2015. This is essential because this Gundam contains a mustache and you may play because it and it is good.

A white Gundam with a blue and red torso jumps to the left, left arm extended behind it, with the other arm cradling a very large laser cannon, which is aimed at the lower left corner.

The Turn A Gundam is the one Gundam with a mustache.Image: Bandai Namco

The playable characters aren’t all the time screen-accurate

Gundam fans should be ready for canonical inaccuracies from the get-go, and the game says as a lot on the character information screens. Gundam Evolution isn’t interested in a close adherence to source materials, and it’s frankly a better game for it. Sure, the morning star strangely named the “Gundam Hammer” is far from the RX-78-2’s most iconic weapon, nevertheless it makes for an apt secondary ability right here. Other models are given weapons and abilities they’ve by no means had before to be able to make them extra balanced fighters.

You don’t must know anything about Gundam to get pleasure from Gundam Evolution

There is no story in Gundam Evolution. Unlike Overwatch, which has a single setting all the characters are from, Gundam Evolution is more like Super Smash Bros. or MultiVersus, where a bunch of characters from fully totally different sequence or timelines are all combating one another for no good purpose. The most important factor is deciding which character shall be your first Gunpla build.

Gundam Evolution is out there now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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